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Escorting airports, electricity, high-speed rail, and agriculture

Huangshan Shuangbao Technology Application Co., Ltd. adheres to the principle of “Science and Technology Innovation, Quality Progress” and “Serving the Human Volkswagen”, and strives to provide customers with the latest products, best quality and best service at home and abroad. Create a better future.


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Company Profile

Company Profile

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Huang Ling of Zhongling Yuxiu gave birth to a science and technology innovation enterprise - Huangshan Shuangbao Technology Application Co., Ltd. In recent years, through the introduction, absorption, digestion and re-innovation, it cooperates with well-known research institutes in China to serve the ecology. Environmentally-friendly, harmless and bird-removing is our responsibility, and we are committed to technology-innovative enterprises that harmlessly drive birds.
The company mainly serves the harmless bird repelling in the airports, agriculture, high-speed rail, electric power and other industries, focusing on systematic bird repellent, combined with the characteristics of related industries, tailoring systematic programs and products for these industries. Completed the transition from pure product production to systematic solutions.
The company has been deeply immersed in the technology of bird-removing technology and product application. It has been at the forefront of the technology field and has cooperated with many foreign companies, focusing on biological agents, light waves, directional sound waves and air-to-air all-in-one repelling. The research and product research and development of bird repellent method has formed a number of invention patents for bird-removing products with independent intellectual property rights, and is the main drafting unit of local product standards in Anhui Province.
The company's products were designated as the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, and cooperated with the State Grid to launch a special high-temperature, long-acting special bird-repelling product suitable for use in power facilities, and was listed in the National Grid procurement list. The products developed by the company have filled the domestic gap, and have been publicized and reported by the national news media of seven sets of CCTV and, and are recommended for the whole country.