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Power high-speed rail special particle sustained release
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Power high-speed rail special particle sustained release

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Product description
First, the role: repelling birds
Second, the scope of use: high-voltage transmission lines to drive away birds
Third, the use method: open the bottle cap, tear open the sealing aluminum foil, put the whole bottle into the matching net bag, fasten it with nylon cable ties to fix the crossbar above the insulation, or use the hook to hang under the isolation switch, such as serious bird damage In this case, the particles in the bottle can be directly poured into the net bag and hung on the crosspiece, which is better.
Fourth, the amount: It is recommended to use a bottle of 500 grams in one route, increase or decrease according to the bird's disease situation.
V. Effective period: one year
Sixth, shelf life: two years
Seven, note: not edible, wash hands after use, children should not touch.
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