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8 grams of multifunctional seed powder
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8 grams of multifunctional seed powder

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Product description
Product Features: This product is a new type of multi-functional biological bird repellency powder, which can not only repel birds, repellers but also deworming (humming horses, sucking pests, mites, etc.) and suitable for seed dressing of various seeds.
Active ingredient: the content of the bird repellent composition is greater than 8%
1. Seed dressing: After soaking seeds, the seeds are leached and drained after whitening. In the wet state, the powder is mixed in proportion. After thorough stirring, the product is evenly adhered to the surface of the seeds, and can be spread without sticky hands. 8g can be mixed with 3kg, and other kinds of seeds can be mixed with 2g of this product 8g.
Second, spray: In the case of bird damage, pest damage degree, generally use 2-3 bags of this product to spray evenly. In severe cases, increase the amount of use as appropriate.
Third, the field repeller, with this product 3-6 bags mixed with sand for use.
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