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ird blasting powder
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ird blasting powder

BirdrepellentpowderinstructionmanualProductimplementationstandards:Q/HSB003-2014 "Shuangbao"bird-removingpowderisabroad-spectrumenvironmental-friendlybirdrepellentproducedbyinorganicmineralsasthecarri
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Bird repellent powder instruction manual
Product implementation standards: Q/HSB003-2014
"Shuangbao" bird-removing powder is a broad-spectrum environmental-friendly bird repellent produced by inorganic minerals as the carrier and using the most advanced nano-adsorption technology. This product has a good sustained-release effect. And suitable for a variety of crops. Crops sprayed with this product will slowly and permanently release a scented gas that affects the central nervous system of birds. After the bird bird smells, it will fly away, effectively drive away, and not harm the birds. And this product has the function of repelling chicken, duck, goose, rabbit, cow, sheep and rodent. At the same time, it can effectively evade all kinds of flying insects (such as rice planthopper). The bird-repellent powder is biodegradable and harmless to humans and animals.
Spray and bird repellent: Use 45 grams (3 bags) of this product, and spray 10 to 15 kilograms of water to spray evenly on rice, corn, wheat, melon, tomato and other crops. The spraying area is 1 mu. Appropriate increase or decrease depending on the hazard. The best way to use: use a spray around the rice fields.
It is better to use this product 2-3 times from the filling stage to the mature stage of rice. At the same time, it can effectively reduce the harm of rice planthoppers.
This product can be mixed with any pesticide.
Packing: 15 g/bag, 300 bags/carton, 260 bags/barrel.
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