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New carbon particle slow release bird
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New carbon particle slow release bird

NewcarbonparticleslowreleasebirdrepellentinstructionmanualProductimplementationstandards:Q/HSB003-2016 "Shuangbao"brandnewcarbonparticleslowreleasebirdrepellentisanewtypeofbirdrepellentproductdevelope
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New carbon particle slow release bird repellent instruction manual
Product implementation standards: Q/HSB 003-2016
"Shuangbao" brand new carbon particle slow release bird repellent is a new type of bird repellent product developed by our company based on the low-end price field. The product has the characteristics of low price and rapid onset. After being put into use, it can quickly release a fragrant gas that affects the central nervous system of the bird. After the bird is swallowed, it will fly away, effectively driving away and not harming the birds. The product is biodegradable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless.
1. [Repellent species] is mainly used to evade birds, crows, magpies, herons, nighthawks and other birds.
Second, the method of use
1. Use a spoon to remove the product from the package and spread it evenly on the land where the birds are active in the cultivated land.
2. It is also possible to use the stacking method, which is about ten pieces per pile, and each pile is separated by one meter.
Third, packaging: 20kg / barrel
4. Store this product in a cool, ventilated and dry room to avoid contact with children and not edible.
V. Warranty period: three years.
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