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Special anti-caries agent for trees
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Special anti-caries agent for trees

Treespecialanti-cariesagentinstructionmanual Thisproductisanewtypeofmultifunctionaltreegrowthprotectionspecialpreparationresearchedanddevelopedaccordingtothelatestbiologicaltheoryandbioengineeringprin
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Product description
Tree special anti-caries agent instruction manual
This product is a new type of multifunctional tree growth protection special preparation researched and developed according to the latest biological theory and bioengineering principle, using modern high-tech avoidance technology. It has strong repellent effect on rats, rabbits, cattle and sheep. After the trees are painted, they are protected from bites. The protective film formed on the tree pole is resistant to wind, rain and snow. It also has the functions of preventing cold, waterproofing, and preventing the invasion of tree wounds. It can also be used for tree pruning, biting wounds and branches and rots. The protection and rehabilitation of wounds can effectively improve the survival rate and preservation rate of trees. This product is an environmentally-friendly tree protection agent with special odor. It uses animals to evade odor and evades animals from the sense of smell and taste. It can effectively prevent livestock from feeding on the branches and trunks of forest trees, has no harm to livestock, has obvious control effect, and is safe and convenient to use.
Instructions for use:
When used, apply to the protected area. The height of the coating (from the ground) is about 150 cm. Apply with a sheepskin or a brush to the protected area.
Generally, every kilogram of preparation can be coated with large trees (6-8 cm in diameter) 180-200 plants: coated small trees (breast diameter 2-4 cm)
This product can last for about four months in the winter.
1. No matter whether it is applied or not, it must be sprayed evenly without leaving a blank. Pay attention to mixing during application to prevent sedimentation.
2. It is best to use it once after opening it. If it is left, it must be sealed and stored.
3. The shelf life of this product is three years, please keep it in a cool place.
Do not apply on rainy days. If it rains within two hours after application, it needs to be reapplied.
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