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New surface biological insecticide
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New surface biological insecticide

Introductionofnewsurfacebiologicalinsecticideproducts Thisproductisaspecialagentforairportinsecticidesjointlydevelopedbyourcompanyanddomesticuniversities(NanjingUniversity,HuangshanCollege).Theproduct
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Introduction of new surface biological insecticide products
This product is a special agent for airport insecticides jointly developed by our company and domestic universities (Nanjing University, Huangshan College). The product includes many varieties of Bacillus licheniformis, which can make the intestinal tract of insects within a few minutes. Paralysis, stop eating, and quickly destroy the intestinal lining, causing bacterial vegetative cells to easily invade and penetrate the intestinal lining into the hemolymph, and finally the insects die from hunger and sepsis. At the same time, this product adds the auxiliary ingredients of methicillin and chlorantraniliprole, which increases the durability of the product. Especially for aphids, beetles, cornices, etc. have a very good effect.
This product has a wide spectrum of insecticidal activity, long-lasting effect, no resistance, etc. It also has a good effect on advanced resistant pests. In particular, it has a miraculous effect on the pests of the chewing mouth and the mouth-sucking device that are flooding each cycle. Greatly reduce the bird food chain around the airport, and use the green concept of ecological management to control the cause of bird formation from the root cause.
This product is suitable for lawns, puddles, crops and other places around the airport.
[Usage and dosage]
This product is diluted 1000 times with water and sprayed in the morning or evening. This product can be sprayed 10-15 acres per kilogram. Spray 1 - 1.5 acres per 100 grams.
[Packing] 25 kg / barrel
1) Do not apply the medicine during the windy days or if it is expected to rain within 1 hour.
2) Wear a protective mask when using.
3) Store this product in a cool place.
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