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Intelligent beam bird repeller equipment
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Intelligent beam bird repeller equipment

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The intelligent beam bird repeller device is a self-owned intellectual property that can effectively drive birds in the airport area. Bird safety equipment that ensures flight safety.
Birds are four-color vision, red, green, blue and purple. The realization proves that birds are most sensitive to blue beam responses at specific wavelengths. Therefore, the blue beam bird repeller device developed according to this principle has a good driving effect on birds.
The device is made of new materials and is highly integrated. It can be operated after 220V mains is connected. It can also use battery power supply and reserve PV interface. The operation is very simple and the operation cost is low. It is easy to move and can be arranged at any position according to the self. It has two modes of operation: automatic and manual. It is applied to daily bird repeller and flight day bird protection respectively; it adopts high-grade IP65 dustproof, waterproof and lightning protection design, which fully meets the requirements of outdoor use; high-intensity blue light beam is continuously or strobed, which is strong for bird visual stimulation. With a long range of action, it can effectively dispel birds at high altitudes and long distances.
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