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Intelligent Directional Acoustic Birds
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Intelligent Directional Acoustic Birds

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The intelligent directional sonic bird repeller is a new type of long-distance bird repelling equipment jointly developed by Shuangbao and foreign well-known sound wave equipment companies. It has the advantages of long distance, low energy consumption, stable sound wave range, etc. The sound emitted by ordinary speakers is transmitted in all directions. To achieve orientation, the diameter of the speaker must be made very large. Unlike the principle of a conventional speaker, an active directional loudspeaker first carries a low-frequency sound signal on a highly directional high-frequency signal, which is amplified and emitted into the air, and then the air rapidly filters the high-frequency signal. The audible sound signal on the screen is naturally filtered out to achieve directional propagation like a laser.
Active directional loudspeakers are capable of controlling sound waves in specific areas where the sound waves are strong, and out of this area, the sound waves are weak or not.
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