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Bird repellent gel mixture
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Bird repellent gel mixture

Birdrepellentgelmixture(airport-specifictype)instructionmanualProductperformancestandards:Q/HSB003-2014 "Shuangbao"brandrepellentcolloidalmixtureisaslow-releasebiologicalpreparationmadebyusingimported
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Bird repellent gel mixture (airport-specific type) instruction manual
Product performance standards:Q/HSB003-2014

"Shuangbao" brand repellent colloidal mixture is a slow-release biological preparation made by using imported natural raw materials and refined by foreign advanced technology. When used, the spray is diluted with water, and the droplets adhere to the surface of the object to be sprayed, which can be slowly and permanently A scented gas that affects the central nervous system of the bird is released, and the bird will fly away after the smell, effectively driving away without harming the bird. The bird repellent water dilution is biodegradable, environmentally friendly and harmless to humans and animals.
The airport-specific dosage form of bird-repellent gel mixture has high content of active ingredients and long-lasting effect. It is an ideal bird-repelling technology product for airports.

[Repellent species] is mainly used to avoid pigeons, sparrows, crows, magpies, herons, nighthawks and other birds; high-dose spray has a good repellent effect on swallows staying on the runway.

[Usage] The bird repellent gel mixture is diluted with water, stirred into a uniform milky white liquid, sprayed in the morning or in the evening, spray the sprayer nozzle into a mist, spray on the lawn, trees or runway around the runway. . The bird-repellent gel mixture can also be mixed with a bird-repellent suspension to avoid the size of mixed birds, and the timeliness is better. Under normal weather conditions, the duration of effect is about 15 days.

[recommended dosage]

Serious bird damage: This product is diluted 100-150 times with water, stirred evenly, sprayed in a mist

Medium bird damage: This product is diluted 200-250 times with water, evenly mixed, sprayed in a mist

Bird damage: This product is diluted 300-400 times with water, stirred evenly, sprayed in a mist

[Package] 25kg / plastic bucket

[Precautions] Store this product in a cool, ventilated, dry room, avoid contact with children, do not eat, and do not mix with pesticides.

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