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Drive bats, birds and powders
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Drive bats, birds and powders

Drivingbat,birdpowder(forairport)instructionmanual Productimplementationstandards:Q/HSB004-2014"Shuangbao"brandbird-repellentpowderusesinorganicmineralsasacarrier,andadoptsnano-adsorptiontechnologytof
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Driving bat, bird powder (for airport) instruction manual
Product implementation standards: Q/HSB004-2014
"Shuangbao" brand bird-repellent powder uses inorganic minerals as a carrier, and adopts nano-adsorption technology to form a stable combination with the active components of bird-repelling, with a sustained release effect. The ostrich powder is used at the airport mainly for places where bats often come and go, such as the attic of an old house on the airport, the attic of a nearby resident house. Spraying can slowly and permanently release a scented gas that affects the central nervous system of birds. Bats, birds, etc. will fly away after being swallowed, effectively driving away without harming birds. The powder is biodegradable and harmless to humans and animals.
[Usage] 1 kg of bird repellent powder with 60 kg of clear water, stir evenly, spray the bats, birds and other places where haze often occurs. Can spray 8 acres of land
[Package] 25Kg / bag
[Precautions] This product should be stored in a cool, ventilated, dry room to avoid contact with children and not edible. It is recommended to wear latex gloves during use to avoid contact with the skin caused by powder.
[Shelf life limit] Two years.
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