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Intelligent Omnidirectional Acoustic Bird Repellent
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Intelligent Omnidirectional Acoustic Bird Repellent

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Intelligent Omni-directional Acoustic Bird Repellent, Omni-directional Acoustic is a newly developed remote omni-directional acoustic transmitter. It can transmit voice communication/alert/drive sounds in 360° omnidirectional, long-distance, and ultra-clear. It consists of a number of sound discs. According to the user's demand for sound coverage, choose a number of different sound discs. You can select up to 10 sound discs. The sound can reach 149 decibels at 1 meter, the propagation distance is 3000m, and the coverage is up to 24.9 square kilometers. The sound wave transmitter is suitable for military use as a training, broadcast communication, infrastructure broadcast, airport to drive out wildlife, broadcast notices in disaster areas, and the like. Optional accessories are:
1. Cabinet - The omnidirectional sonic transmitter module can be placed in a NEMA-class outdoor cabinet (as shown on the right), and the transmitter can also be installed in a cabinet of its own design. Pre-configured outdoor cabinets with optional batteries, heat exchangers, air conditioning systems, solar chargers and many other options.
2. Control Software - Broadcast voice or pre-recorded information over a TCP/IP network to integrate with existing audio distribution networks and notification systems. The software can simultaneously control multiple directional acoustic systems and can play pre-recorded information at any time using a microphone or control software.
360° coverage: 360° coverage of the surrounding area of ​​the device, with a maximum sound pressure of 149 decibels and a maximum communication radius of more than 3km. The transmission of highly penetrating voice/alert/drive sounds can penetrate the surrounding high Intensity background noise.
The performance has been tested: the military-grade maintenance support, tested and certified by the authorities, strictly follow the US Navy/Army military standard, and work normally in extreme temperature, heavy rain, dust, shock and vibration.
The number of sound discs can be selected: the user can select different sound discs according to their own needs. The basic configuration is 2 sound disks, and the user can select up to 10 sound disks. The clear sound coverage is up to 25 square kilometers and the coverage radius is 3 kilometers.
Other unique features: comprehensive reinforcement; upgrade at any time, increase the number of sound disks, expand the sound coverage; flexible power options, including AC, battery, generator or solar energy; support TCP / IP network control interface, can simultaneously control Multiple devices.
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