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Spray truck

Spraytruck(airport-specific)manual ThecompanyproducesDongfengDolikapesticidesprayerseriesproducts.Withstrongwatering,greeninganddustsuppressionfunctions,thevehicleisbeautifulinappearanceandeconomicala
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Spray truck (airport-specific) manual
The company produces Dongfeng Dolika pesticide sprayer series products. With strong watering, greening and dust suppression functions, the vehicle is beautiful in appearance and economical and flexible. It is an ideal mobile sprinkler for municipal sanitation, industrial and mining enterprises, engineering projects, etc. It is a vehicle specially used for cleaning, greening or other emergency fire fighting purposes. The company's products have passed ISO9001-2000 international quality system certification, is a well-known brand in Hubei Province, Hubei Province quality trustworthy products.
Chassis configuration: Reconstructed by Dongfeng Group's original Dolly card chassis, flat-top flip-type cab. The vehicle is equipped with: Dongfeng Chaoyang 4-cylinder engine, 95 hp, 5-speed gearbox, 7.00-16 tires, pneumatic brake, hydraulic direction assistance.
Special function configuration: The standard volume of the tank is 5 tons. It adopts 4mm high-quality carbon steel plate of WISCO. The inside of the tank is treated with nano-resin paint for anti-corrosion treatment. It is equipped with special sprinkler pump, front spray, side spray, rear work platform and water spray high pressure gun. . The self-priming height of the sprinkler is 6 meters, the sprinkling width of the whole vehicle is more than 14 meters, and the water level of the rear working platform is about 25 meters (can be adjusted into: straight flush, heavy rain, moderate rain, light rain, drizzle), the whole vehicle belt Fire connection, self-flow valve and self-priming function. It is equipped with 2 3m water pipes, 1 ladder, two sides and rear bumper, and a pesticide sprayer at the tail. The horizontal range can reach 20M (optional 30M).
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