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Herbicideinstructionmanual "Shuangbao"brandherbicide(content70%)isasystemicextractiveherbicide,whichinhibitstheconversionofvalerintophenylalanineandcheesebyinhibitingtheenolacetone-basedvalerinphospha
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Herbicide instruction manual
"Shuangbao" brand herbicide (content 70%) is a systemic extractive herbicide, which inhibits the conversion of valerin to phenylalanine and cheese by inhibiting the enol acetone-based valerin phosphate synthase in plants. The conversion of amino acids and tryptophan causes the synthesis of proteins to interfere with plant death. This product has a control effect on more than 40 families of plants, including monocotyledonous, dicotyledonous, annual and perennial, herbs and shrubs. Glyphosate quickly loses its activity when it is combined with metal ions such as iron and aluminum. Can effectively prevent weeds.
[How to use and dosage]
Each acre is diluted with 100-200 g of this product and 30-40 kg of water.
[Package] 25kg / barrel.
[Precautions] This product should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry room to avoid contact with children and not edible.
[Shelf life] two years.
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